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The search for a rehab treatment center, whether for yourself or a loved one, can be an overwhelming process. Numerous types of treatment centers exist, but you are looking for one specific to your situation. contains a directory of over 11,000 drug and alcohol rehab centers across the United States. Those include 2000 women only rehab centers and 5999 men only rehab centers. Both inpatient and outpatient teen programs are available for adolescents in addition to faith-based rehab centers for those focusing on a more spiritual recovery. The directory also contains details for support groups such as narcotics anonymous, alcohol anonymous, nar-anon, and al-anon. Simply search your city of interest and find a rehab center near you.

Six Steps To The Road Of Recovery

Each individual will embark on a unique journey to recovery, but specific similarities may exist before treatment, after treatment, and throughout the continuous effort to stay clean. Initially, individuals may experience an emotional feeling of reaching “rock bottom.” Making a commitment to overcome his/her addiction by admitting into rehab is the first step to recovery. Throughout recovery, each individual will need to recognize the existing problems or triggers that led to drug abuse. Recognizing and learning to fix those problems or resist those triggers will greatly strengthen one’s character and positively affect one’s future. In the early stages after treatment, both mental and physical adaptations will occur in order to begin a life-long recovery without drugs. Below are six steps that individuals may experience on the road to recovery.


Recognizing You Have A Problem With Addiction


Exploring The Right Treatment Options


Finding Support For The Long Road Ahead


Completing Rehab And Making Sobriety Last


Creating a New Drug-Free Lifestyle


Staying True To Sobriety And Never Giving Up